The Retirement Planning Process

Ask for help, we’ll walk you through the entire process.

Set your Goals

Lifestyle goals

Income / cashflow goals

Expenditure goals

Investments return goals

Choose a Retirement Date

Today? Soon? 65?

Create a Plan

Optimise centrelink benefits, a tax plan, a cashflow plan, expected returns, your super and investment strategy to create a plan that ensures financial stability and security in your retirement

Implement a Plan

Change from your current situation to the new strategy in preparation for retirement.


Congratulations! You’ve made it.

Holidays, hobbies, family are the beginning. You can relax and enjoy retirement feeling financially secure

Manage retirement money

Monitor investment performance. This is critical to the sustainability of your lifestyle and plan.

Grow your wealth

Keep your next egg growing while you can

Set your ongoing review plan

Check fees, investment performance and if you are on budget to continue forward with enough to live comfortably.

Relax and enjoy life

Knowing your plan for the future is in place.