Tim - Retired 

Following signing up for the Seniors Card late last year, I received an offer of free evaluation on the performance of  my superannuation fund. This sounded like a very good opportunity.

Following a quick discussion with Paul Whitelaw of RSA I was impressed with his manner. None of the usual push that I have come to expect from some Financial Advisors. Once I supplied my transactional history from my fund to Paul the first thing we discovered was that there was an error dating back to Jan 2019. 

As a result I got IOOF my previous fund to make the correction. This was quite a lengthy & frustrating period since it took IOOF some 5 weeks to make the re-calculation to my super. He also provided me with a Morning Star review that showed following the departure of a senior exec from my investment portfolio the fund’s return was in decline.  I then received some recommendations of options for consideration.

In addition, I had some cash available to invest & Paul came up with a great investment recommendation. I have to say that Paul is completely up front & very responsive to any questions. Instead of the usual trail of emails Paul gets on phone to discuss things. If he is busy he ‘always’ manages to return my calls quickly. From my perspective that is what I call ‘Great Customer Service' 

Once I reviewed Paul’s strategy, which he discussed with me at length, I was happy to proceed. The investment advice that he provided was very sound in view of my previous investment strategy. Timing was not great since it was just a few days before Christmas and Paul was going on leave. This was due to the length of time that IOOF took to adjust my fund! However, being the professional that he is he continued to keep an eye on setting up the new fund and was always happy to clarify things.

Of course the market suffered significant falls following the COVID-19 virus. This is where Paul’s team excelled. I was immediately provided with information that supported the change in strategy from the Stock market to cash. Paul’s team produce extensive ‘weekly’ reports that provide me with sufficient clarity & supporting information. No one likes to see the market suffer the significant falls that we have experienced during this unprecedented time.

It is this type of service that I value above anything else. Complete transparency & continued support during a difficult period. Had I stayed in IOOF my investment would have suffered a 25% decrease. As it stands I suffered a 9% drop in earnings as a result of quick action by the team.

I have to admit I wish I had met Paul much earlier. He really is extremely pleasant to work with, very enthusiastic but never pushy. He backs up his views with fantastic reports. I have recommended his services to other people including my adult children.

As the saying goes you can sell anything to anyone once. You usually find the strength & the ability of your Financial Advisor when something unexpected happens. The Covid-19 impact on the markets has been catastrophic. I could not be more pleased with the way Paul has conducted himself since we have crossed paths.

I also want to mention that this Seniors Card initiative of a free evaluation is just about the best thing from it!

Regards Tim

Tom and Mary - Planning retirement

During the planning for retirement, we were looking to move into the Illawarra area and so looked for a financial advisor nearby. In the two years prior to relocating, we traveled to annual reviews and felt uncomfortable that we were not able to understand what we were being told. It was in unfamiliar language and we were unclear whether it was appropriate. In 2019 I commented that we felt that we were not doing as well as we hoped, and were met with unsuitable replies about our spending.

It was at this time that I learned about Retirement Services Australia and their connection to NSW Seniors Card. Making contact with someone local who could first assess our situation to confirm our ‘suspicions’ about our financial situation was reassuring. There was no pressure to change, but there was an explanation about how we could do better if we chose to do so. At our first and subsequent personal interviews we made it clear to Paul that we had previously been confused about discussions and advice and we requested that he try to speak to us in clear language about our situation and how he could help us to achieve our (simple) hopes for the future. We are pleased to say that he was able to do so.

Since that time, Paul has been accessible and helpful. He has visited us at home for a subsequent consultation and has gained our trust. This year has proven to be challenging for advisors on behalf of couples like us in our early 60s with our retirement savings under threat. We have confidence in our financial advisor – the urgency of the financial crisis earlier this year was quickly identified, with weekly communication since early March – and are happy to recommend Retirement Services Australia.

Dave - Retired

I would like to highly recommend Retirement Services Australia.

Our previous advisors were tied to a very large Superannuation and banking firm that got itself into financial worries. They did not communicate very well with us and caused us great concern.

The process of joining with Retirement Services Australia was made very easy for us. Great communication, easy to understand what was happening and why.

The situation with Covid-19 has not been easy but the communication from RSA has been excellent and we are very happy.

Margarita - Retired

I was happy with the attention given and the quality of service provided by my previous superannuation fund, but their fees where excessively high in comparison to other funds. Paul was very helpful in giving me help in this area.

Paul and his colleagues have always been very friendly and patient enabling me to make good honest decisions for my future. Whenever I have any questions or concerns they were always prompt and detailed with answers making me feel comfortable.

Retirement Services Australia provided a very friendly service from start to finish and even so up to now.

Very easy to talk to and am very happy with the outcome gaining what I think to be a better and more profitable superannuation plan for myself.

Jenny - Retired

In early January I contacted Retirements Services Australia following an email from Seniors Card Australia. Peter Rheinberger promptly contacted me and informed me of their services and their rates of return on investments. I have a superfund as part of my bank account that was set up through my accountant a number of years ago. However, I was only investing in term deposits and was going backwards financially.

Peter met with me and explained their services and set me up with a new account. I am in the process of transitioning from my bank superfund into a new better fund. I have found Peter to be knowledgeable, experienced, personable and reliable. Due to the recent fall in financial returns as a result of the current pandemic, Retirement Services Australia have responded quickly and efficiently to transfer my funds into cash to preserve the principal.

I have received ongoing emails and telephone calls to inform me of a way forward in the near future.

I have recommended Retirement Services Australia to my family as well. My funds should be fully transitioned by the end of this financial year.

Sarah - Retired

Dear Peter

I am writing to inform you of how happy I am that I saw fit to allow your company to look after my financial savings, superannuation and pension.

Being a 73 year old woman living alone makes it very difficult at times to understand and feel safe about information being given to you by some individuals.

Peter, you explained every aspect of what you do for me, plus what I may expect in the future and what I needed to do to leave my then financial advisers. I am so happy at how this changeover was accomplished and how confident I feel. I have proof of what is happening with my finances. The app you set up for me informs me at a glance as to what is happening right now with my finances without having to contact your organization unless I feel the need to do so.

You also send me emails explaining what is happening right now regarding my personal finances and always with the invitation to call you personally should the need arise.

Finally Peter, thank you so much for your excellent attention, thank you for the weight you have taken off my mind.

Yours Sincerely


Peter and Denise - Retiring 

Hi Peter

Thank-you for your prompt response. Denise and I have given this quite a bit of thought, and we have decided that we would like to proceed with your proposal. Please let us know if you need any additional information to start the ball rolling on this.